Articles on PDP-11 and older PDPs

1982DEC DEC PDP-11 Family Communications Capabilities
1978Robert D. Russel The PDP-11: A Case Study of How not to Design Condition Codes
1977C. Gordon Bell What Have We Learned from the PDP-11?
1977D .Bates, R .Cailliau Experience with Pascal Compilers on Mini-computers
1976D.D. Cowan, P.H. Dirksen, J.W. Graham, J.W. Welch Development Of Educational Software Useng the DEC PDP-11
1974Dennis M. Ritchie and Ken Thompson The UNIX Time-Sharing System
1973James R. Bell, DEC Threaded Code


1972Daniel G. Bobrow, Jerry D. Burchfiel, Daniel L. Murphy, and Raymond S. Tomlinson Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc TENEX, a Paged Time Sharing System for the PDP-10
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